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Saito Premium Junmai Sake 0.72L

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SAITO is an authentic Japanese Sake made in Kyoto, Japan.

Kanji letter “彩” means luxury, beauty and colourful, “都” means capital and city.

Saito “彩都”, is a Sake representative of Kyoto that one can easily relate to the traditional and beautiful city.

Saito Premium Junmai Sake (特别純米) is brewed by "Yamahai"brewing method, which is a traditional slow fermentation technique process at low temperature with extra care and time. It gives this sake width and depth in flavour with semi dry taste. This medium bodied sake has a long finish with a bit of acidity. Recommend to match with mild-strong tasting dishes such as Yakitori and fried food.

Sake Facts
Category: Premium Junmai
Alcohol: 14.5%
Acidity: 1.4
Nihonshu-do (SMV): +0
Seimaibuai (rice polishing ratio): 65%

Suggested serving temperature:
Chilled (5∼10℃)
Warm/Hot (45∼50℃)

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