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Garyubai Gohyak Junmai Ginjo 0.72 L

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The Philosophy

The Garyubai sake series(“garyu” stands for a sleeping dragon, “bai” means ume fruit) was named after the ume tree believed to have been planted by Tokugawa Ieyasu himself in a temple near Sanwa Brewery.

Garyubai is a premium sake brewed with traditional techniques of the renowned Nanbu-Toji sake masters. For Gohyakumangoku, after fermenting our delicious rice we hang the moromi-filled bags (sake mash) to drip the sake into flask-shaped glass containers for slow maturation. This natural yet labor-intensive and time-consuming method allows for the most delicious taste and bouquet.

Sake Facts
Ingredients: rice, koji mold (Japan)
Category: Junmai Ginjo (super premium pure rice sake)
Seimaibuai (milling rate): 55%
Rice: Gohyakumangoku from Toyama pref. (Japan)
Nihonshu-do: +4
Alcohol: 16%
Acidity: 1.3
Serving temperature:
Chilled (5?10?) Straight (room temp.)
Relaxing warm(40?45?) Hot (50?55?)

Tasting Notes
This carefully crafted Junmai Ginjo uses high quality Gohyakumangoku rice. Its unique properties like hardness allows for a nicely dry, smooth and slightly fragrant sake with a pleasant clean finish.

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