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Ebbio Langhe Doc Nebbiolo 0.75L

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This nebbiolo, perfect expression of the “Langhe” terroir, is made in a traditional way and aged in wood for at least 8 months and then in the bottle for 2-3 months. It will usually reach its peak 3-4 years after the harvest, but this period can vary considerably depending on the vintage. When young, it features a fragrance which is wonderfully spontaneous and full of surprise: in its bouquet, color, and generous, velvety body this Langhe nebbiolo brings out all the typical qualities of the magnificent vine it is made from. Later in life its color becomes garnet red with strong orange shades, and its nose deepens, with traces of withered flowers, such as roses and, above-all, geraniums. Its warm, soft, well-bodied flavor is velvety and well-balanced, lingering in the mouth. Ideal with flavorsome pasta dishes, meats and medium-mature cheeses.

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